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    Rent to Buy Homes: Greater Toronto Area

    My name is Manoj Atri, REALTOR®. Re/Max Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage
    I've specialized in Yes Rent-To-Own, helping my clients with where to find
    the perfect Rent-To-Own Properties in Ontario, Rent-To-Own Homes near me,
    Affordable Rent-To-Own Condo and Rent to Own Townhouse.

    I will walk you through Rent to Own Real Estate Canada format,
    including Rent-To-Own Real Estate Contracts and various
    Rent to Own Real Estate Agreements in Toronto GTA Ontario. 

    All Toronto Real Estate Board [TREB] MLS® System listings
    can be bought by Investors under Your Rent-To-Own Program.

    Rent-To-Own Homes FREE Listings Toronto GTA

    Rent to Own Homes FREE Listings: Toronto ON GTA [YouTube Video]

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    Allow me to be your "Rent to Own Your Home" | "Rent-to-Buy Option" guide.
    A Buyer Representation Agreement is a pre-requisite for all 
    Rent to Own Townhouse in Mississauga Peel Region
    Townhouse Rent-To-Own Toronto Ontario CA
    Rent-To-Own Ontario | Rent-To-Own Houses for Sale in Toronto Showings.
    For all you're "Rent to Own Homes Listings Canada" needs Call / Email me.


    What is Rent-To-Own Homes?

    Rent-To-Own Definition:
    The all year around concept of Toronto GTA Rent-to-Own Programs
    is a quick and easy way to be a proud owner without any pressure or
    hassle of bad credit, cannot buy, cannot get approved etc. scenarios.

    Do You Have a Bruised Credit but Good Income?
    Do You Want to be a Home Owner?

    Rent to Own Meaning:
    Rent-To-Own a Home You Choose!
    Build Equity as you Rent2Own and Earn valuable credits
    towards your Lease to Own Homes down Payment from Day 1.
    Presently there is NO Rent to Own Program with Zero [0] Down Payment.

    The Greater Toronto Area RentToOwn Homes is a great way to get an
    Overview of what Rent to Own GTA and features are available
    in your price range. Call / Email For: "Show me Rent-To-Own" Properties.

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    Here's "How Does Rent-To-Own a House Work"
    After discussing your requirement & your buying capacity, we will walk you
    through Rent-to-Own Paperwork | Rent-to-own contract for homes & show you
    Properties with Houses for Sale Rent-To-Own options in Toronto GTA.

    After you & your lawyer review "Rent-To-Own Contract Details",
    Go through is Rent-To-Own a good option, Rent to Own mortgage Canada,
    your Homes Rent-To-Own is searched in the neighborhood you desire,
    Price range and the down payment you can afford.

    Alternative 1: Outright Purchase.

    I have a mortgage broker who is willing to assist my Greater Toronto Area
    Rent-To-Own clients for an Outright Purchase, some with even 5% down.
    Though most likely scenario will be with 10% - 15% down payment.
    Credit score as low as 500, and
    even with past bankruptcies or consumer proposals.
    Rates to be in the range of 6% - 12%. Certain Conditions Apply.

    How does Rent to Own work with Bad credit situation,
    cannot qualify for a mortgage, rates being offered are too
    high are things of the past.
    We will search for a home in the neighborhood you desire,
    the rent you can afford and the down payment you have.
    You can also check our GTA Rent to Own Listings Toronto,
    Rent to Own Foreclosure homes listings Toronto GTA Ontario,
    Rent to Own in Mississauga and put an offer on any of these listings.
    Stop renting and paying down someone else mortgage, be your own boss.
    [Our program doesn't support No Credit check Rent to Own.]

    Our Greater Toronto Area "Rent-To-Own Contract Agreement" are much more
    Convenient and productive for both Buyers and Sellers.
    We found that most Buyers can determine
    Rent-to-Own homes pros and cons within a very short time-frame and
    whether or not they're interested in how to rent to own
    after reviewing rent to own places and seek more info on
    are rent to own houses a good idea in GTA Toronto.

    Alternative 2: You Choose Rent-To-Own Properties.

    Review "How does Rent to Own work when Buying a House",
    next view www Rent-To-Own Houses of your choice,
    your selected neighborhood and in your price range.
    You select the House you want to Rent-To-Own Online,
    so moving into the House of your dreams is finally within your reach!
    Don't spend another month making your landlord rich.
    Apply your monthly rent payments toward a Rent-To-Own in Ontario and
    build equity in the house of your choice while you repair your credit i.e.
    Buy Rent to Own with bad credit.
    Own your dream home in 1 - 5 years!
    Call / Email me to walk you through Sample Rent-To-Own Contract,
    Rent to Own Pros and Cons and Rent-To-Own Bad credit.

    How does rent to buy work?
    Most Greater Toronto Rent-To-Own Options require
    minimum $10,000 down payment or 4% of Purchase Price.
    Per month payments range from minimum $1500 onwards.

    Alternative 3: You Choose Available Property.

    If the only thing standing between you and the house of your dreams are,
    - Where to find rent to own listings,
    - is rent to own homes a good idea,
    - bruised credit or a small down payment,
    we may be able to help you achieve your goals of Home Ownership.
    You can select from available Houses Rent-To-Own in GTA.

    With any alternative you choose we will walk you through
    Is rent to own a good idea?

    Our GTA Rent-To-Own in Toronto available Properties
    require a minimum $10,000 down payment for properties up to $250,000.
    Minimum 4% of purchase down payment for properties above $250,000.
    Per month payments range from minimum $1500 onwards.
    [Rent to Own 3 bedroom Condo - Rent to Own 5 bedroom Houses]

    Our Premier Rent-To-Own Process:
    Property Values & approximate per month Rent-To-Own Lease amounts.

    Property Value $100,000: Lease: $700 + Utilities + Content Insurance,
    $200 goes towards down payment.
    Property Value $150,000: Lease: $1,000 + Utilities + Content Insurance,
    $250 goes towards down payment.
    Property Value $200,000: Lease: $1,300 + Utilities + Content Insurance,
    $300 goes towards down payment.
    Property Value $250,000: Lease: $1,600 + Utilities + Content Insurance,
    $350 goes towards down payment.
    Property Value $300,000: Lease: $1,900 + Utilities + Content Insurance,
    $400 goes towards down payment.
    Property Value $350,000: Lease: $2,200 + Utilities + Content Insurance,
    $450 goes towards down payment.
    Property Value $400,000: Lease: $2,500 + Utilities + Content Insurance,
    $500 goes towards down payment.

    How Does Rent-To-Own Work for Seller,
    Rent-To-Own Your House | Town Home | Condo and
    Other Rent-To-Buy Info & Requirements.

    Seller / Investor pays for Property Purchase, Property Taxes,
    Home Insurance and Initial closing costs.
    Tenant Buyer Pays for Initial Down payment, Home Inspection, Content
    Insurance and Closing costs at the time of exercising Option to Purchase.
    Approximate closing costs are 1.5% of purchase price.
    Purchase price qualifications are 4.5 times the income.
    Approximate 3.3% - 4% is the range for property value appreciation.
    Term of Option to Purchase are 1 yr. - 5 yrs. maximum.

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Rent To Own Houses?
    You’re on way to buy a property while still repairing your credit.
    You can lock in the final price and the property may appreciate more.
    Though forced but you end up saving for a future down payment.

    Owing a property does look like a viable option.
    You get a sense of direction and pride of future ownership.
    Day to day living can be better than renting.

    Property may lose value i.e. less than the final purchase price.
    The credit is not repaired on time and all money is lost.
    Monthly payments become overwhelming during term of agreement.

    Seller / Investor becomes greedy if the property value goes too high.
    Loop holes in the contract can become too difficult to handle.
    Maintaining a smooth landlord / tenant relationship over time.

    Is Rent-To-Own Homes A Costly Program?

    Click on the link above to read the full article. 

    Kindly provide the following for serious GTA Buying / Rent-To-Own option Clients
    and review required attached Buying / Rent-To-Own Contract pdf template forms.

    - Job Letters
    - Notice of Assessment [NOA]
    - T4's
    - Pay stubs
    - Credit Score & Full Report
    - ID's

    Buying Contract Forms:
    Buyer Representation Agreement 
    Agreement of Purchase and Sale

    Rent-To-Own Contract Forms:

    Rental Application
    Agreement to Lease
    Option Commission Agreement 
    Option to Purchase

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